North Texas Basketball Officials Association officiates High School and Middle School basketball games across the North Texas Area. Our assignments run from November – February each season.
Texas does not have any formal certification process. The local chapters do all training and recruiting of members.
There are local dues of $129 for returning members and $99 for new members. NTBOA offers discounted dues of $99 to returning members until July 31st. You also have to register with THSBOA,  State Association, and their dues are $50 (increases to $75 Sept. 1st). In addition, uniform costs typically include a starter package for approximately $165 that includes a shirt, shoes, pants and whistle.
In most cases the school district pays you directly. Usually it takes a school 45 days from the time you worked the game until you get your check.
Our chapter provides excellent training. We have veteran officials that will work with new members well before the season starts. We also have a mentor program that allows new members to ask questions of veteran officials throughout the season.
Pay is determined by the UIL in Texas and you can access information by using the link below and then clicking on basketball.

UIL 1204 Officials Pay Rates

The amount of games worked depends on you and your schedule.
NTBOA uses a scheduling website called ArbiterSports.com. Click here to connect to The Arbiter website. Please note: An online application has to be completed and dues paid prior to software implementation.
NTBOA covers games over all of the North Texas area. Our assignment secretary tries hard to keep our officials close to their homes and/or work. More information can be found at schools.
Basketball official’s uniforms consist of black shoes, black pants, black socks, v-neck collarless black & white wide-panel dye-sublimated shirt, whistle (Fox40) and black lanyard. The NTBOA provides vendors at some meetings. More information can be found at Officials Gear Outlet, OfficialSports.Net & Honigs.
No. We do not allow you the option of rejecting games. When assignments are released, the Arbiter will automatically accept the game for you. Because of this, it is imperative you keep your block dates and times current.
We understand that issues come up that prevent you from working games. However, when this happens, you must complete our turn back form so the assignments team will be notified immediately.  Please note that for all games turn backed, you will be charged a $5 Turnback fee per game.
Please click on this video link for a demonstration on how to block dates. Blocked Dates Demonstration