(Referred to as NTBOA or Chapter)

 2022-2023 Operating Procedures

 NTBOA character and inclusivity statement:

The North Texas Basketball Officials Association (NTBOA) embraces the value of diversity in its membership as well as with the schools we service.  Our desire is to (within reason) utilize the strength of uniqueness to facilitate a meaningful growing athletic experience for the members of our chapter, the young men and women who are competing, the coaches who are working, and the various supporters of each category that is free from judgment or improper treatment. To project the type of acceptance and stereotype-free experience mentioned, we recognize as an organization the need to lead that charge within our own association first. The NTBOA recognizes the reality that every individual has the right to feel safe to express ideas that differ from those held by other members of the community. However, all people who aspire to be part of our organization must accept the responsibility to demonstrate civility and respect for the dignity of others. Recognizing that the proper balance between freedom of expression and respect for others is not always apparent or easy to achieve, we must continually challenge ourselves and each other in an atmosphere of mutual concern, goodwill, and respect. Therefore, expressions or actions that disparage an individual’s or group’s ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability are contrary to the mission of the NTBOA, and as such, any individual who commits such acts, intentionally or not, is subject to review by the Internal Review Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors (BOD or Board) has adopted the following NTBOA Operating Procedures for the 2022-2023 season.  These procedures may be revised as necessary by the Board, to conform to such needs as may arise.  The intent of these Operating Procedures is to provide the membership with the methods used by the Board in the chapter operations. It further details the board’s expectations and objectives of the membership in the service to the schools, the Chapter, and to basketball officiating in general.

It is the intent of the Board of Directors that all NTBOA members follow these Operating Procedures and that each member has a copy in their possession or access to one via the internet.  Suggested revisions should be submitted to the President, in writing.  These procedures follow the By-Laws in their structure and will be reviewed and reissued annually by the Board.


The Texas High School Basketball Officials Association (THSBOA) website will contain the annual examination, the number of times the test may be taken, and the end date of the examination.  To be eligible for paid assignments NTBOA and THSBOA registrations must be completed and paid (or a payment plan in place), as well as all required tests taken and passed.


An active member may submit recommendations to the Board of Directors for an individual to become a lifetime member of NTBOA.  Any person recommended for lifetime membership must have been a member of the NTBOA.  The Board will determine any other eligibility requirements for this honor.  A two-thirds vote of the Board is necessary to award lifetime membership to an eligible individual.  To maintain a Lifetime Membership, one must register with the NTBOA annually and attend at least one meeting.


Any conflict or confrontation between any official and any player, substitute, coach, trainer, team physician, cheerleader in uniform, band member in uniform, mascot in uniform, parent, or any other persons affiliated with the teams in a contest officiated by the NTBOA, must be reported to both the Chapter President and Coordinator of Officials within twelve (12) hours of the incident. If other reporting is required, the official will be notified by the Coordinator of Officials. Ejections of the above sources shall be submitted in written form and reported to the UIL within 24 hours after the incident.


The following are the active committees for the 2022-2023 season and their respective memberships (All chairpersons will be appointed by the President and approved by a majority vote of the BOD for a term of May 1 – April 30):

    1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: This committee will annually review the By-Laws and Operating Procedures of NTBOA and perform other tasks as directed by the Chapter President. The Board of Directors is composed of the Incumbents of the following positions: President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, and four At-Large Representatives elected by the membership.  The Board of Directors is empowered to act on any issue not specifically covered in the Operating Procedures or Constitution and Bylaws.

Charge:  The Internal Review Committee will be responsible for reviewing and investigating any issues or concerns that are submitted in writing to either the BOD or directly to the IRC.

Some examples, of such issues and concerns, are officials’ conduct towards players, fans, coaches, or co-officials, dress code violations, tardiness, or no-showing game assignments as well as suspected violation or breach of Chapter Operating Procedures or By-laws.  NOTE: These examples are not all-inclusive.  The official or persons involved in the issue or concern may be asked to meet in person or via phone conference to gather investigative facts.   Officials may have their current division representative present for the meeting or phone conference to serve as a witness on their behalf.  If the Division Rep is unavailable, then a mutually agreed upon person may serve as their replacement.

Upon completion of the investigation of the IRC, a written report along with recommendations will be submitted to the BOD.  These are only recommendations, and the BOD has complete authority to accept the recommendations or impose their own sanctions upon completion of a hearing.  It will be the decision of the BOD to impose sanctions. Person(s) involved will be given proper notice of any action or non-action imposed.

The IRC serves as an independent committee that gathers facts about the issue or concern and then submits that report to the BOD.

Any issue or concern deemed severe by the BOD can be handled directly by the BOD without the use of the IRC.  An individual may appeal the BOD decision by submitting an appeal request in writing to the NTBOA President within 48 hours of the written notification of the board’s decision.

The IRC will update the BOD as needed during its investigation.

The President will appoint the Chairperson of the IRC. Its members are selected by the chairperson and approved by the BOD.

Lifetime ban and reinstatement procedures: In some instances, an individual’s actions can be considered so severe and so detrimental to the chapter that it requires a 7-0 vote by the BOD to ban this individual for life. Any individual receiving a lifetime ban may submit a request in writing to the board for reinstatement, prior to the start of the new season.  To be reinstated, it requires a 7-0 vote by the BOD to approve reinstatement.

    1. RULES AND MECHANICS INTERPRETER: This position will be held by an experienced official who will make any rule decisions and interpretation of the rules necessary for proper officiating by Chapter members. This person will be the chapter’s liaison to the rules and mechanics official of both THSBOA and UIL. 
    2. REFEREE EVALUATION & FEEDBACK (REF): This committee will be composed of active and/or inactive experienced members who are available to observe officials in the execution of actual game duties to evaluate the performance of mechanics to aid in the improvement of the individual officials and the Chapter.
    1. EDUCATION COMMITTEE: This committee is charged with the duty of education for all members of NTBOA. 
    1. OFFICIAL RECRUITING & RETENTION COMMITTEE: This committee is charged with the duty of recruiting and retaining officials for NTBOA. 
    1. SCHOOL RETENTION & ONBOARDING COMMITTEE: This committee is charged with the duty of entertaining the requests for services and retaining schools.
    1. OBSERVATION COMMITTEE: The members of this committee will observe games, provide feedback and other information to officials while onsite at games. Committee members will also submit a report containing their observations of officials to the assignments team and REF committee.
    1. THSBOA REPRESENTATIVE: This position shall represent NTBOA on an annual basis.
    1. 10. DIGITAL MARKETING: Oversees all digital media & marketing for the chapter.
    1. 11. MEMBERSHIP COMMUNICATIONS: The members of this committee will be charged with keeping our membership informed of important information and key dates/deadlines.
    1. 12. MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE: The members of this committee will be responsible for overseeing mentor/mentee relationships.
    1. 13. CAMP COMMITTEE: The members of this committee will be charged with planning, organizing and facilitating the NTBOA camp.


The Board of Directors will select a Coordinator of Officials on a one-year rolling contract.  At the end of each year, the Board of Directors will review the Coordinator of Officials’ performance. If they choose not to post the job or make changes to the contract by the end of the business year, then the contract will be automatically renewed for the next year. During April or May, any member who wishes to apply for the position can do so. The board will evaluate each proposal.  Any member that wishes to apply must have been a member in good standing for the last two (2) seasons.

The Coordinator of Officials will select Assistant Assignor(s) and upon confirmation from the Board of Directors the Assistant Assignor(s) shall assist the Coordinator of Officials.  If the Board does not confirm that individual, then the Coordinator of Officials shall select someone else until an individual can be confirmed by the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors will select a Treasurer/Administrative Secretary on a one-year rolling contract.  At the end of each year, the Board of Directors will review the Treasurer/Administrative Secretary’s performance. If they choose not to post the job or make changes to the current contract by the end of the business year, the contract will be automatically renewed for another year. During April or May, any member who wishes to apply for the position can do so. The board will evaluate each proposal. Any member that wants to apply must have been a member in good standing for the last two (2) seasons.


In accordance with the state governing body policy, an official shall not officiate a game for any school where:

a.) they have relatives who are students, players, or employees.

b.) from which they graduated less than 10 years previous.

c.) Any member that holds a leadership position with another basketball chapter must disclose this to the NTBOA BOD.

Serve means in any leadership role (Board Member, Committee Chairperson, Consultant, etc.) in any organization that is in direct conflict with the mission and goals of NTBOA. It is the responsibility of the official to make the conflict known to the BOD.


The Assignments team will make Varsity game assignments using an official’s availability, tier placement, and a scratch list sent to the Chapter by the coaches who have been provided with the full chapter membership roster.


NTBOA officials of all levels will have the opportunity and are expected, to support our sub-varsity programs.  Assignments are under the direction of the Assignments Team.


The Assignments Team will assign scrimmages to members of the NTBOA.  Each member must work a minimum of three (3) scrimmages. Assigned scrimmages will be considered a game assignment and are subject to the same attendance requirements as a regular season game. Scrimmage assignments do not count towards the minimum of fifteen (15) NTBOA varsity assignments needed to work playoffs.  Officials are expected to be on hand for the duration of the scrimmage.


NTBOA members who want to work playoffs must:

    1. Be a Member in Good Standing as defined by the Constitution and By-laws
    2. Work at least fifteen (15) NTBOA varsity assignments. No more than five (5) of the NTBOA varsity assignments may be tournament assignments
    3. Make a minimum score of 90% on all required THSBOA tests.
    4. Not be on probation
    5. Obtain 7 Performance Points in the following manner:
      1. Meeting Attendance – Members will earn ONE Performance Point for each Chapter Meeting Attended during the course of the season. The maximum number of points that can be earned in this category is TWO. A member MUST attend TWO meetings or they will not be eligible for playoffs. No exceptions will be given.
      2. Scrimmages – Members will earn ONE Performance Point for each Chapter Assigned scrimmage officiated in a season. The maximum number of points that can be earned in this category is THREE.  A member MUST participate in at least THREE scrimmages earning THREE Performance Points or they will not be eligible for playoffs. No exceptions will be given.
      3. Training/Education – Members will earn ONE Performance Point for each Chapter Training/Education Event. A member MUST participate in at least TWO Training/Education Events, or they will not be eligible for playoffs. No exceptions will be given. Training and Education areas are as follows:
        • NTBOA Camps for Staff and Campers
        • NTBOA Film Sessions
        • NTBOA Education, Training, or Program – As determined by the chapter
        • Work a Junior High set of games with a chapter member who is ranked 500 999 and submit a game report via Smartsheets.
        • Fulfill the mentor requirements in the NTBOA mentor program

The Assignments team will be given the discretion to utilize the total number of points earned as criteria when making playoff assignments. At a time to be announced by the Board of Directors each season, members wishing to be deemed Playoff Eligible must fill out a Playoff Eligibility Worksheet outlining Performance Points earned and must return that form in accordance with the announcement.  Once a member submits his/her worksheet they will become playoff eligible if they meet the criteria.  Please note that playoff-eligible officials requested by a coach to officiate a specific post-season game will be given priority consideration for that assignment.

Furthermore, the UIL requires each Chapter to provide the UIL with a listing of officials for possible assignment to Regional or State tournaments.  However, for an NTBOA Member to be considered for Regional and State Assignments, they must appear on the Playoff Eligible List of Officials from the previous year, as well as, take and meet the required playoff testing requirements.

The list sent to the UIL for Regionals and State Final Assignments will be made up of the Assignments Team, REF Committee, Observation Committee, and two individuals appointed by the BOD. The Chairperson Person of each committee will compile their committee’s list. The committee chairpersons will meet, along with a board-appointed representative, to compile the list and present it to the elected board for final approval. The THSBOA Rep will then submit the final board-approved list to the UIL. Please note, the UIL is solely responsible for assignments for Regional and State Finals assignments.


Any changes to the Operating Procedures shall first be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing.  Approval by a majority of the Board of Directors is necessary.


The NTBOA Scratch Policy will be reflective of the current UIL scratch policy.


Officials will not be able to scratch other officials.  Officials are expected to work the assigned games with the other officials assigned to that contest.


The Referee will be responsible for holding pre-&-post game conferences with all officials immediately prior to any Varsity Game, when possible before any sub-varsity game. The referee is also responsible for completing a referee game report on the official’s page of the NTBOA website.


Only officiating mechanics approved by the NFHS along with Texas exceptions may be used in UIL games.  The Referee is responsible to see that the game officials utilize proper mechanics.


The uniform worn by members of the NTBOA will conform to that specified in the current year’s Officials Manual and as approved by the state governing body.  That uniform consists of:

    • THSBOA Jacket (Varsity Only & Excluding Tournaments)
    • Black & white vertical stripe “V–neck” shirt with black wide panel and a dye-sublimated American flag on left sleeve and THSBOA logo on right sleeve (all crew members are required to wear identical shirts)
    • Black slacks, black socks, black shoes, black belt (if wearing belted slacks-not recommended), black lanyard, and black plastic whistle (Fox 40 preferred).
    • Shoes will be mainly solid black except for the shoe brand name.
    • Slacks made of denim material or athletic pants will not be worn.

Failure to adhere to the uniform requirements for varsity and sub-varsity assignments will result in a written warning for the first offense and then reported to IRC starting with the second offense and could include the removal of schedules and/or suspension.

Each NTBOA member will ensure that his/her hair (including mustache and beard) is neatly trimmed, and shoes and uniform is neat and clean.

All officials will stand opposite the scorer’s table, facing the flag for the playing of the national anthem. If an official is uncomfortable standing for the national anthem they must remain outside the visual confines of the court until the completion of the anthem.

Street clothes worn to/from game sites must be neat and clean.  Business Casual dress is preferred.  Shorts of any kind, tank tops, and flip-flops are not considered appropriate for wear to/from game sites.


All game assignments, made in accordance with an official’s availability as set forth by the official, are the responsibility of the assigned official until he/she is notified by the appropriate Assignor that a suitable replacement official has been notified and has accepted the game assignment. Leaving a message (voice or text) or sending an email to the Assignor to be released from a game by an assigned official does not constitute a cancellation, nor does leaving a message with another party constitute cancellation.  Officials must utilize the Schedule Change form on the website to submit any changes.  If the change is within 24 hours, direct contact, meaning a phone call to the Assignors, followed by an email and completing the schedule change form, will be the only way to cancel a game or games.  After game assignments are made, officials will be able to turn back 5 assignments without incurring a fine, after the 5th turn back officials will be assessed a cancellation fee of $10.  The fine for cancellation of a game assignment within 24 hours of the assignment is $25.00 per game.  Should a game cancellation be the result of a game-related injury, or other reason, the Board of Directors may elect to waive the game cancellation fee. An email must be sent to the BOD within 48 hours of the cancellation requesting a waiver.  Multiple acts of this nature will result in notification to the Internal Review Committee.   The IRC Committee investigation could result in a member not being in good standing. In addition, the Assignments team may remove future game assignments from officials who show a pattern of repeated schedule changes.


When schools cancel games and the Chapter is notified, the responsible Assignor will make every effort to notify all assigned officials.  If the school does not notify the Chapter of the cancellation 24 hours prior to game time, the school is responsible for a game fee(s) for each canceled game and reimbursement mileage payment to the officials if they drove to the game site. If the official is giving a comparable assignment, then no fee will be paid by the school.

If the Chapter fails to notify the officials of a game cancellation, or if the Chapter incorrectly assigns officials to a game, the Chapter is responsible for reimbursement of mileage to the assigned official(s).


Schools served by the NTBOA will pay officials according to the UIL fee schedule. The UIL further stipulates that an official who is late for a game may have his/her game fee reduced by the home school by one-quarter of the fee for each quarter or part of a quarter the official is late.  “Late for a game” is defined as not being at the game site 30 minutes before the actual game start time, and on the court, ready to begin play at the scheduled starting time. 


The fine for failing to show up for an assigned contest(s), when the assignment was made in accordance with the member’s assignment availability, is equal to the game fee (for each game not officiated) which he/she would have received had he/she worked the game. If an official works an assignment without an NTBOA member as a co-official, the official who worked the game(s) will be paid by the Chapter (from the fine paid by the no-show official) which is equal to one-half the amount of the fine.  The remaining one-half of the fine will be deposited in the Chapter’s checking account and used as seen fit by the Board of Directors.

Immediately upon notification of a failure to show up, the Chapter Secretary will contact the appropriate school administrator at the game site and determine the amount of the game fee.  The non-showing assigned official shall be notified by telephone and in writing of the amount of the fine deemed necessary.  The official has seven calendar days in which to pay the fine to the Chapter Secretary.  Failure to pay the fine within that period will result in the cancellation of any remaining game assignments.  An official who fails to show up for a second game assignment will be brought before the IRC and may be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including all game assignments canceled.


Only the Assignments Team, or in their absence, members of the Board of Directors, may make game assignments. No official will either change NTBOA assignments with another official or request another official to “cover” an assignment for him/her. No official will accept an NTBOA assignment from anyone other than those identified in the first sentence of this paragraph. To do otherwise, may be subject both officials involved to the fine outlined above in the FAILURE TO SHOW UP FOR AN ASSIGNED CONTEST(S) paragraph.


Each Assigned Referee has the responsibility for contacting his/her assigned co-official, no later than 48 hours prior to the assignment, for the purpose of confirming transportation to and from the assignment, time, and travel arrangements.  When a change of one official is necessary within 48 hours of the scheduled game, the replacement official is responsible for initiating contact with the originally assigned official. When a change of both officials is necessary within 48 hours of the scheduled game, the procedure stated in the first sentence above applies. Failure to make this notification may result in an ethics violation, should a scheduled official fail to show up for an assignment, or should there be a conflict regarding the payment of mileage fees.  If an official is not at the appointed departure point ten (10) minutes after the agreed-upon meeting/departure time, the official who is present will depart and proceed to the game site. The late official will travel on his/her own to the game site but will neither seek nor receive any reimbursement for his/her travel.


The Assignments Team or other members of the Board of Directors may use the above means for the purpose of making an assignment or canceling an assignment.


State dues are set each year by the THSBOA and are currently $75.00 for all officials.   However, if these state dues are paid by June 30th, a $25 discount will be given making state dues $50. State dues for the following season are due to the THSBOA through the THSBOA website.

NTBOA Chapter dues are broken into two categories for all officials: New Members and Returning/Reinstated Members. Membership dues and timelines are as follows:

Returning Members:

    • $99.00 If paid before July 1st of the upcoming season. NTBOA offers a $30 discount.
    • $129.00 If paid between July 1st – July 31st of the upcoming season.
    • $179.00 If paid on August 1st or after for the upcoming season. A $50 late fee is assessed.

New/ Reinstated Members:

    • $99.00 This is the rate for all new members of NTBOA.
    • A member that has been away from the chapter for a minimum of two years qualifies as a new member.

Registration for all NTBOA members will take place online. Credit/debit cards and PayPal payments will be accepted.  A receipt will be provided for all members who pay cash. Local dues are waived for members of the Board of Directors, Assignments Team, and the Administrative Secretary/Treasurer. No official will be assigned varsity games, other than scrimmage games until both NTBOA and THSBOA dues are paid. NTBOA dues are 100% fully refundable before September 15th. After September 15th, dues are non-refundable.

Anything not covered in the operating procedures is at the discretion of the board.