Being the “The Chapter Of Choice” it is important that we all know the rules and can apply them accordingly during the game. As a tool to keep the rules at the forefront of officiating, each week during the season we send out the Rule Updates.

THSBOA is committed to creating awareness of the importance of the rules and as such, has issued the following mission statement: “Follow the National Federation High School Rules as written. Provide correct interpretation, implementation, and applications of the National Federation High School Rules. Provide complete information regarding all Texas Exception Rules and Mechanics. Provide complete detailed information regarding mechanics 2-person and 3-person. Correct officials when a rule is misapplied while holding them accountable according to the severity of each incident. Stress importance of taking tests. Ensure compliance of uniform guidelines.”

UIL rules information can be found using the following links:


Thank you,

Brad Dunkin
Rules Interpreter