Why I Joined the NTBOA Family of Officials

From: Tricia Losavio (THSBOA Representative)

Being an official for NTBOA has been one of the best decisions I have made.

When I moved to North Texas over 15 years ago, there were many opportunities to get involved with my local community. As a sports fan, I decided one of the more fun things I could do was to become a basketball referee! After some online research, I discovered there are 29 different member chapters in Texas, but only 4 in my area. The only issue was I couldn’t decide which chapter to join! I eventually found a voluntary summer camp for prospective basketball referees and signed up. At this camp, I was able to discuss all the referee chapters with the other officials participating or leading the lessons. It was obvious at the end of the camp where I wanted to join—NTBOA.

There are a few reasons NTBOA stood out from the other DFW chapters, Dallas, Kaufman, and Ft. Worth. I was immediately drawn to the family atmosphere and numerous resources available for prospective and current officials. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to mentor other officials, help the chapter grow, and develop new and up-and-coming officials. It is so rewarding when our chapter is recognized as one of the best in the State. Our internal rating system with officials conducted by the observation team allows for real-time coaching to take place. This immediate feedback and the encouraging environment allow for referees to grow as decision-makers.

As a female official, I can personally attest to the opportunities that are given to members of NTBOA. Female officials get pushed a little farther if they have the skill simply because there is a shortage of female officials. If you are a woman looking to get into officiating, NTBOA is one of the best places to learn! Our motto has always been, “If you can officiate, you will get varsity games.” Our Board of Directors listens to their members and always has the referee’s best interests at heart. Our board is comprised of volunteers and is not compensated in any way. They want to be involved with the NTBOA officiating community. It is not a self-serving BOD, but one that wants to give back to the chapter by serving on committees, being clinicians at camps, and setting a great example of leadership.

Friendships have grown over the years—weddings, babies, and other milestones have happened in all our lives, yet we still maintain relationships with each other both on and off the floor. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out today!